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Django based discussion board and a Q&A system

Run project in Docker

The easiest way to check out askapp is to run it’s dockerized version:

Steps to deploy a project:

Enabling login with Google

Go to, create a new project Go to “Credentials” on left side menu, create new via “OAuth Client ID” option, specify site root url ( for local or Docker installation ) for “Authorized Javascript origins” and ( for “Authorized redirect URL”. Go to site admin -> “social accounts” -> “social applications”, open or create social application named Google, add “client id” and “secret key” obtained from Google Oauth client. Add site to “chosen sites”, save changes.

Environment variables:

DJANGO_SECRET - any random string, a secret key used internally by Django security mechanisms DB_HOST - database hostname DB_NAME - database name DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD - MySQL credentials DB_PASSWORD - database user password EMAIL_HOST - SMTP server address EMAIL_ADDRESS, EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD - SMTP credentials GOOGLE_API_KEY - a key for Youtube API to pull description for Youtube videos RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY and RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY - Google reCaptcha's secret/site keys. Read more at GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID - optional, Google Analytics ID to collect site statistics

How to get Google API Key

There are numerous tutorials how to do that, for example or

Peculiarities when deploying to a Django instance from Bitnami hosted on AWS

Additional steps: